Aqua Fitness

The RAVE Sports Aqua Pool Fitness Program was created to bring more fitness opportunities to the water. This stable, reinforced mat is equipped with a slip resistant deck pad, carrying handle, lane line connectors and a bold and exciting design. The mat’s lightweight design and carrying handle makes it easy to transport and it folds up like a sleeping bag for quick storage. It weighs just over 15lbs for almost anyone to carry. Don’t miss out on the latest expansion of water fitness with extra core and balance workout with the Aqua Power.

Not your average cardio or yoga training! Benefit from low impact yet high intensity workouts and challenge your balance, stability, core and coordination. All you need is a pool, Aqua Fitness mats and trainers with certification!

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Business Benefits

  • Offer the latest in cardio, strength and yoga training to attract and retain members
  • Increase revenues and maximize pool utilization in all seasons
  • Obtain required CECs
  • Retain instructors seeking the newest fitness trends
  • 6 or more qualify for bulk pricing
  • Contact us 651-659-0790

Health Benefits

  • Improve balance, stability and coordination
  • Strengthen core
  • Achieve total body workout
  • Challenge your body with different muscle use
  • Relieve stress
  • Optimize workout time when both mind and body are engaged
  • Classes available for every skill level

Get Certified

  • Experienced trainers provide certification for personal trainers, yoga instructors and group fitness professionals
  • One-day certification class that covers the principles and application of exercise programs designed for Aqua Power training (six hours for yoga or fitness or 8 hours for yoga & fitness)
  • Upon certification, participants will be able to lead small group training classes in a pool using the Aqua Fitness Mats

Any average 25 yard pool easily fits 10 per lane for our 1/2 pool option.

Expand to a 19 mats with increased popularity to fill two lanes in our full pool option.

    More details:

  • 84.75″ x 37x 6” inflated
  • Made from high quality reinforced PVC
  • 2 Carry Handles
  • 4 Anchor connector points for anchoring on bottom of pool
  • Carabiner clips included and connect to lane lines
  • Under 2 minutes to inflate
  • Holds Up to 250 lbs
  • Resistance Band Holder included for stretches
  • Slip resistant full size yoga deck pad
  • Lightweight (Just over 15 lbs)
  • Great for limited Storage
  • Stable and engages more core than ground yoga
  • Full pool can hold 15-19 person class
  • 1/2 pool can hold 8-10 person class