Spin Wheel

"The Spin Wheel is awesome! Campers of all ages and abilities could get on and run and not only have fun but get some added exercise." 

~ Kerry Pioske, Camp Director, YMCA Camp Ihduhapi

Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows! Take a spin on the exciting Spin Wheel. Make it a game of rapidly changing directions, and everyone will be testing their balance to see who can stay on the longest.

Combine the Spin Wheel with a Bongo™ 13 water bouncer to create a spinning running track for added fun that will last all day!


  • Required Water Depth 6’
  • Users: 15 people (ages 6+)
  • 32ft diameter x 26" high
  • Track itself: 32ft diameter x 6" high x 30" wide
  • Attaches quickly, easily to existing Bongo13.
  • Product Weight 370 lbs (168kg) w/out Bongo 13.
  • SKU 02666
  • UPC 695742026663


  • Constructed of heavy duty non-slip drop-stitch durable vinyl, the running track's low profile is easy to set up and will provide endless entertainment for groups of campers or individuals.
  • 5 point anchor harness with swivel.
  • Non slip PVC material.
  • H3 (Halkey Roberts) valve (2X) each on opposite ends.