Splash Trax Components

All Splash Trax components offer complete obstacle course systems created by combining an unlimited amount of pieces (they all connect together) into systems designed by us, or you! This allows RAVE Sports customers to evolve their waterfronts and pool parks to meet changing demographics and budgets.
Up and over the pyramid you go!
Hop, Hurdle, or Jump, the dome is a versatile challenge piece.
The course isn't complete without a tunnel!
Wobbly Bridge

This isn't your normal bridge, this one wiggles.

Balance Beam Duo

The Splash Trax Balance Beam Duo works as a challenge piece and a quick step!


The Abyss challenges users not to fall through the middle when running the course.

Ladder Run

Jump across the beams on the Ladder Run, but don't fall in!

Inclined 90 Curve

Step up the Ladder Run challenge, with the Inclined 90 curve.

Low Rider Platform
Provides easy boarding, not to fear if you fall.
Universal Platform
Connect your pieces in multiple directions with the Universal Platform.
Hurdle low and high and go over or under the Serpent.
Pylon Run
It's like human pinball!
Arch Bridge
Add some fun and connect your pieces with an Arch Bridge!
Tubluar Sweep Curve
Create a circuit with a curve piece, and make it tubular!
Solid Sweep Curve
Create a circuit with a curved pieces.
Ninja Quad Step
Channel your inner ninja, and conquer the Ninja Quad Steps.
45 Degree Curve
Provide more connection options to your course. 45 Degrees of fun!
45 Degrees of fun!
Full Tilt
Balance and agility are needed to cross the Full Tilt!
Arch 1.5
The new and improved Arch Bridge!
Y-branch connection piece.
Aqua Totter
A seesaw on water!
Quick Step Solo

Single access boarding platform.

Quick Step Double
Dual access boarding platform.
Activity Island
A floating base with six attachment points!
Water Whoosh
A floating mat that comes in 10, 15, and 20 ft sizes.
Aqua Jump 200
The best water trampoline on the market!
Rope Swing
The best water trampoline on the market!
Waterfall Wall

This wall is totally tubular!

Exactly the size of THREE Splash Trax modules in length.

Looks simple but it’s a challenge as people traverse across and around the tubular wall.

Try it going opposite directions.

Connects directly to Splash Trax, Water Whoosh and other RAVE items.

Can be used Stand Alone with Quick Step Duos on each end or In-line as part of a Splash Trax system

Multi Dock

Provides easy access boarding for up to 7 people at one time.

Provides easy docking for multiple SUP boards, Sea Bobs and other water toys.

Connects to all Splash Trax components and Activity Island.

Also connects to certain AJ and Bongos (those with Splash Trax/Whoosh attachment provisions).