Water Park Racer Mats

RAVE's innovative Toboggan Racer Mats are really two in one! Uniquely designed with Glide Control grooves that allow riders to control the mat's speed grooves (up for more glide, down for more traction). Our Toboggan Racer Mats provide hours of unstoppable fun.


  • Durable non-slip handles
  • Glide control grooves can be assembled face down or up to control the amount of glide across the water
  • Grooves up - faster
  • Grooves down - less fast, more braking action
  • Closed Cell Copolymer EVA material provides superior toughness and durability
  • Designed to fit most slides
  • Thicker and more durable than other mats
  • Designed to assemble quickly


Available in two sizes:

  • 60" x 22" x 1" (SKU# WP-1050)
  • 51.5" x 20.5" x 1" (SKU# WP-1043)



  • Racer Mat - Water Slide

  • Racer Mat - Water Slide

  • Water Park Men and Kids

  • Teen slide racer mat